Thirteen years ago...

Thirteen years ago Ken and Keira responded to the call into ministry once again. This time they would give up their jobs and jump in with both feet. Their hearts beat for the same thing - seeing university campuses produce leaders that would take the Presence of God into their spheres of influence and lead others to do the same, seeing cultures radically changed for the glory of God...Welcome to their heartbeat...

Why reach Campuses?

If we reach the campus, we reach future leaders.
Historically, the university campus has been a seedbed of culture shapers and world leaders—sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. If we reach them with the gospel now, they will one day change the world for Jesus.

If we reach the campus, we reach families.
Statistically, people are most open to the gospel during their time at university; and with every student reached, we see the potential to reach the entire family with the gospel.

If we reach the campus, we reach the world.
Culturally, university campuses are becoming more and more diverse, giving us a unique opportunity to reach the nations with the gospel by reaching out to international students in our cities.